Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I did not do drugs, I did not have much to drink and I did not pass GO. However, I did apparently end up outside on the sidewalk in my pj's last night at 4:30am calling my cat's name. I remember Pickles running all over me while I was sleeping...then I remember a cat howling. Next I remember waking up outside under a tree looking for my cat. The thing is, he's done this before, the whole 'somehow manage to get outside in the middle of the night and howl like a madman.' So, subconsciously I guess I thought it was him. Needless to say, I went back upstairs and both of my cats were staring at me. Dummys.
But sleepwalking 'eh. That's a new one for me. Which isn't technically the best thing when you consider the fact that I live in Los Angeles in the heart of Hollywood. Ouch. However, maybe I could manage this to my advantage, sort of a workout in my sleep sort of deal. The Sleepwalker's Workout. I could wake up being all svelte and stuff. But yeah, I still don't know about that. No more sleepwalking for me please.

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