Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm home, finally back in Los Angeles after nearly two months of cruising around and photographing the country. I met some of the raddest people and uncovered some kick ass scenes and dance parties. Check Shadowscene's Fiesta section for all the photo coverage and URB's blog hosting for literary goodness. I'll be sure to give you some tidbits and notes from the journey...but for now, here's a video featuring a shit ton of my NYC friends and Lauren Rocket. Radness indeed:

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm sitting at Fluffy's house...and the family of five is fucken starving. Fluffy says he's gonne make us pasta...with special sauce. I'm guess the special sauce is ketchup and sugar. And my ass is starving. So it better be.
After a nine hour drive from Kansas...where the party was fucken dope ass media funtastic, I made it here where my breath freezes in the midnight air. Bloomington went off...by 2:30am...and some dude dressed up as a silver devil shot torches across the stage and made some girls panties fall off on stage...and of course right in front of my camera.
I'll be in MILWAUKEE tomorrow with THE GLAMOUR...and stuffs. Damn it, where's my breakfast pasta?