Friday, March 30, 2007

Here's the rad video for the week. This is one of my all time favorite videos. It's amazing. They're amazing. Adorable in fact. Check it:

"Carry It All"

Whoops...someone lit a match, in the hills. And set half of Burbank on fire...
Today I went out and started walking down the street for lunch when I saw flames across the street. Hmm, interesting. Next, ashes were landing in my lunch and frosting my hair. Yummy. Then the damn sky turned bright orange and gray and now total white out from all the smoke. The craziest part is that it's completely moved to the other side of the hill, which happens to be my backyard. Good times! There goes the Hollywood sign, and my damn hiking trail!

Photo contributions by Dirty Dave & Mitra and The LA TIMES.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I did not do drugs, I did not have much to drink and I did not pass GO. However, I did apparently end up outside on the sidewalk in my pj's last night at 4:30am calling my cat's name. I remember Pickles running all over me while I was sleeping...then I remember a cat howling. Next I remember waking up outside under a tree looking for my cat. The thing is, he's done this before, the whole 'somehow manage to get outside in the middle of the night and howl like a madman.' So, subconsciously I guess I thought it was him. Needless to say, I went back upstairs and both of my cats were staring at me. Dummys.
But sleepwalking 'eh. That's a new one for me. Which isn't technically the best thing when you consider the fact that I live in Los Angeles in the heart of Hollywood. Ouch. However, maybe I could manage this to my advantage, sort of a workout in my sleep sort of deal. The Sleepwalker's Workout. I could wake up being all svelte and stuff. But yeah, I still don't know about that. No more sleepwalking for me please.

Monday, March 26, 2007

I've never written a glum blog. But I'm glum and it's gloomy. I hate being glum, even when there's lots of greatness going around. Yesterday I bbq'd and got a great sunburn. Ouch. I somehow forgot to put the sunblock on my back which makes it pretty rough to sleep at night. It's hot, it's cold, it's sensitive. Pffft! But yesterday, I was also contacted by a lovely editor in Egypt who will be using some of my photos for a fashion spread in some big Cairo Magazine. Sweetness. Plus, Playboy and Jane will be putting photos from SXSW up on their sites...stay tuned for that feast! And, I was asked today to shoot the STREET style for Nylon. Pretty fantastic. Get out your fashionable funk so I can take photos of you!! But regardless, I need to get out of gloomdom and pep up. My coffee isn't working. I wish it would just rain already and get it over with. Sheesh. Oh...BOA tonight, GET FAMOUS and apparently win $50. Nice deal 'eh! And tomorrow, it's the Deadly Syndrome at Boardners and DATA ROCK at Check Yo'. Wheee.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

So last night, I really wanted to go to see Cheeseburger, but my car's a piece of crap right now and I was sitting at home when Cuso called to see if I was going anywhere. So, I ended up going to Teddy's...yeah. Oh boy. I've never gone to Teddy's just because, well it's super LA...super hoite toite or whatever. But I went for lack of anything else to do and at least I could hang with some friends. And oh...the amusing fun it was! First off, I ended up running in to Cisco again when I heard someone yelling "Airport!!" at me. Seeing how we saw each other about 10 times on the way home from SXSW, my nickname is now apparently 'Airport'. Next, while sipping on my $13 cocktail, which fortunately I didn't pay for, Amy Winehouse walks by and I chat with her for a second. Next thing I know, some girl brushes by her and says her music sucks. And damn, Winehouse smashed the broad on the head!! I really thought chaos was about to break out but someone got the madness under control and Winehouse got to stay and play. Next, Kaps showed up with my friend Jana and then a second cocktail was in session, especially after I discovered another chap was practically my high school neighbor back in Boston. Dang! Now it's getting really good....the place is packed...people are tipsy and Holmes is spinning. I go to a separate patio and have a bunch of people I know run up to me asking me if I 'got in.' I'm confused until I realize being at Teddy's and getting in to Teddy's is a Hollywood 'big deal'. I go back inside with my fancy invisible hand stamp. I've now moved onto third cocktail and am running into a bunch of friends I haven't seen in a while. Next, I notice a guy who really thinks he must be Jason Biggs, he looks like him and even takes it to the next level of dressing like him. I point it out to Kaps and he agrees. But 30mins later we're still baffled by this guy. Maybe it is Biggs? I sit down next to him to find out. 2 minutes later he introduces himself as Jason. Damn it! It is Biggs...and this whole time we'd be mocking him as a poser, of himself. But the best part is he was hamming it up with Eva Longoria. Weird. I chat with Maria and Cisco tells me I'm the DJ's muse. I don't know what to say to him. Next I notice the dude from American Pie who gets it on with Stiflers Mom. This is hilarious because I can only picture him on the toilet. Biggs is drunk and I'm trying not to laugh and then all of a sudden, he sneaks out through the crowd with Eva. Yep...Biggs and Longoria off together. See how long it takes for that to make it US Weekly. Ouch.
The rest of the night was pretty entertaining, fancy fashion and pricey drinks. Chandeliers and dungeon decor. I headed out early and walked what I guessed to be about 10 blocks home...needless to say it was more like 75. I treated myself to some 3am french toast and passed out before my head even hit the pillow. That was enough Hollywood for me.

Friday, March 23, 2007

If you're in LOS ANGELES...go to this tonight!!

Friday, March 23rd
400 Blows
@1269 E. 6th Street (A.K.A. Dave Young's Warehouse)
Los Angeles, CA.

Cheeseburger "Tiger"

Yep yipper. I'm finally all rested up from last weeks chaos and ready to start things up again here in Los Angeles. April is already getting jammed up with amazing events and hooray because it feels like summer! Today I had the joy of receiving a goodie. The guys got me a robot lamp.....(a robot lamp!) for my dark cave of a desk area and this thing is sooo damn cool. It's kind of ridiculous. It pretty much takes the cake. Icing and all. Other than that, I walked out to get a sandwich...and decided to take the get-a-long gang for a walk. However, the walk turned out to be 2 damn that sub shop was far! But sooo worth it. Yummy banana pickles make my world go 'round. Tonight...well who knows what's up. But tommorrow it's an afternoon with WhiteStarr in Malibu. Oh the adventure!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

So on my way back from Austin, I was a couple cocktails deep and a bit chatty...and came to realize the gentlemen sitting in front of me was reading an article entitled, "20 Things You Didn't Know About Robots". can only guess how excited I was. And the best part was everyone on the plane was looking at me like the biggest nutbag. Regardless, I immediately went to the airport magazine stand and paid triple the price for this magazine called DISCOVER. I honestly think I sunk to a new level of nerd brain at this point. Because now, a couple of days later I'm flipping through this magazine and realizing just how interesting, in a scientific sort of way, it is. The entire thing is about autism, brains, dog language, mathematics in other dimensions, Earths twin planet and growing new limbs. Wow. The good thing is, it's sort of nice to see something like this considering I live and work in such a heavily artistic and entertainment focused environment, the realm of science only rarely pops in. Except of course...when it somes to my absurd fascination with bots!!! So...last page and there you have it, '2o Things You Didn't Know...' And here are my top three favorites:
1) Apparently, in 5th century B.C., a pal of Plato's created a mechanical bird driven by a jet of steam which is arguably the world's very first robot. Hi, that's B.C.
2) Futuristic love strings attached. The robotic expert Henrik Christensen predicts humans will be having sex with robots within four years. Wow, talk about scheduled maintenance.
3) And finally, everyone needs a winebot. Imagine him on picnics!! This little guy, built in Japan, can ID any type of cheese and hundreds of different wines. But keep your fingers away; he once mistook a reporter's hand for a piece of pepper jack.
Three Cheers!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

There's so much to even break down when trying to explain what felt like two months crushed into 6 days. Austin was amazing...non stop fun with sleepless nights and daytime adventures. Our week started with a 25 hour road trip...which we had planned on breaking in half, but instead, went straight through the night. Ouch. But somehow, by the time our crew landed on the doorsteps of the Oh No! Oh My! house, we were good to go. Those 1o minute naps along the way had successfully added up. We played hours of Wiii before passing out in masses on the floor and couches. And then, it was Wednesday morning and we were off, awakening to what wouldn't cease until the following Tuesday. Eeek!
More or less, I spent my week touring around with Scanners, Oh No! Oh My!, The Deadly Syndrome and Pony Up. Most of the crew all crashed together in the same house so within a day we were one big happy family. Up by nine, to sleep by six...drinking by noon. And now to follow, a rundown of Austin SXSW highlights...because otherwise, I could fill up this entire site, and besides, that's what the photos are for.
Monday: Driving, driving, driving.
Tuesday: Driving, driving, Wiii.
Wednesday: Scanners play Convention Center, drinks at noon. Prep for the DIM MAK and TBA showcase party, eat sandwiches...ensue partying. Get free schwag, get free drinks, photo marathon...shots at midnight for DSO's birthday. Shots at 12:05. Clamor into the van and head to the ONOM house at 2:30. No sleep til 4am.
Thursday: Head to Hank Sinatra's house with ONOM for their show. Drink 40's and eat free BBQ with absolutely amazing barbeque sauce. Absolutely. Hot heat, goats, roosters and chickens, cats chasing field mice. Tacos and junkyard soundstages. Port a pottys and wooden swingsets. Get 2 free cases of 40's and head to the NYLON/DIESEL party where all 4 bands play again. Free ice cream and vodka. More free schwag. Lots of stickers and jumping around and two free handle of Vodka. Group split up...I rest for an hour and then recharge myself for the Playboy party. Playboy party = Whitestarr madness, plush pillows, free anything and everything, Bloc Party, Ghostland Observatory, Illinois, more BBQ, playboy bunnies, Rascal Flatts attacks, last minute shots of jagger at 3am and ends with knocked over dumpsters and a man with a rifle chasing us down the street. Home to the ONOM house for additional 40's and tamales.
Friday: Sleep 3 hours and rush to the Jane Magazine party. Sit on rooftop for 3 hours with ONOM and Pony Up. Bloodcat Love stumbles in...stumbles out. Love them for their cheeriness. ONOM play another amazing show. I leave and head to the Pig with Deadly Syndrome for another show. Charley and I eat horrible pizza. Drink fantastic beer. Scanners and Pony Up are amazing. Boys on E make out in the corner and then play kick the can. Har Mar degrades the college boy audience, then flings his sweat on them. We all go home...for more 40's on the porch.
Saturday: Roll out of bed, brush my teeth. Jump in the tour van and go straight to the URB/PUMA party at Beauty Bar. Tom and I eat breakfast. Dave and Anne Lee show up full of giggles. Hearts. I leave and go to the Flaunt Party and have a frosty mango punch drink. Then I have an ice cream. Free. Back to Beauty Bar for the Scanners show...too good. Port-a-pottys tip over and the street is flooded in blue. I photograph the Scanners television interview under a tree. Back to the house for a nap. And off to the VICE party.
And this is the real cap off for the entire week. Against Me lose their shit at the VICE show...bottles are busted, flags are disabled, shirts are torn off, and the building collapses. more rooftop patio and west side wing. That Elk's club is demolished due to I don't really know what. I take a rock from the rubble....and then eat 4am treats with Scanners. And this is the end of SXSW. I'm still awake...and eager for more.

Friday, March 09, 2007

I love feedback...and funnies. And this is both. Thanks to you...(you know who you are) for sending in this lovely photo observation. I love look a likes...they kind of freak me out! And yes, contributions are highly welcome...especially if they make me giggle. Hoo Ha!
On a sidebar note...The Deadly Syndrome play tonight!! Head over to El Cid if you're in LA and catch these guys before they head off to Austin! Maybe you can cuddle with a ghost while you're there. This is my last weekend in Los Angeles before heading off to Austin for shindigs and shenanigans. The list of parties, store events, bbqs, and shows is growing to the point where I think I can just make a quilt out of flyers...or maybe the world's largest slip n' slide. Beware paper cuts. But really, talk about information overload!! For certain, I will be at a couple of showcases, the NY2LON party, PUMA event at Beauty Bar, JANE Magazine party and Playboy C3 event. And that's just the batter of the batch. Plus, we'll be giving out fun stickers and the latest Shadowscene button...Austin edition!! I'm gonna say it again. HOO-HA!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Did you know...that beavers were once the size of the average US Black Bear? I mean seriously, have you seen the teeth and claws of a beaver...I think it would be considerably more terrifying to run into a 10 foot beaver than just a regular Black Bear.
And furthermore, I'm just realizing that the beaver is considered a rodent. Great, so once upon a time there were rodents standing on two feet who could pummel me in an instant. I guess you lovely ladies standing on tabletops in your skirts and heels couldn't really get away from that nasty lil' bugger. The good thing is they have horrible vision, so they probably couldn't see you so well, but they'd still sniff you out. And maybe even try to drag you to their self--made landscape and community for decoration. Can you imagine running into that 10 foot tall beavers' dam? Damn.

Oh...and you've got to love those random google finds...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

So...last night was yet another Check Yo'...and even though one of the bands got somehow caught up on the border and had some kind of issues with their Visas...well, Lo-Fi FNK still made it over and put on a great show. An interesting performance as well, with just a single strobe light. Just one. No house lights. Utter darkness with a single 1987 strobe light, non colored, allowing for a systematic sheer periodic light blast. Ouch.
I couldn't really tell if I was moving, the floor was moving, the kid standing next to me was pushing me, or maybe I just fell down? *Note: Don't stare directly into a strobe light. Other than that, I was thoroughly entertained by someone who shall remain anonymous for sharing with me the story of:
- having a full cranberry vodka cocktail spilled on his "nice white fluffy shirt"
- not knowing immediately what to do other than run to the bathroom
- encountering a full bathroom so hurrying into a stall
- removing shirt
- dipping shirt...into toilet
- cleaning the cranberry juice off the "nice fluffy white shirt"
- wringing out the shirt
- putting the shirt back on, followed by a jacket to top it off
- zipping jacket all the way up over his crisp white, now nappy, wet shirt.

The rest of the evening continued and by the end of the night, I kid you not, this guys shirt was dry, clean...and fluffy. Three cheers for innovation!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I love history lessons! Turn it up...and listen, 'ehem, watch proudly:

Bigley likes to smack me on the head and yell "McFly!" I am starting to get sick of my coffee. Ho-Ho gets drunk on free drinks and then asks why. We tell him...'the how is they why'. Yeah. Late night drinks make you crave early morning treats. Somebody doesn't want a cupcake. They'd prefer hot and steamy. Taters? Precious. When really drunk, try saying 'Sexy Steaks, Savory Snakes..." and see just how cracked up you are.
Last night, I slept. Barely.
Lady LA leaves for Argentina today. Mmmm nice. I head to Austin in six. Long nights, hot daze, skinned knees and boo-boos. Skate parks and tumbleweeds, here we come. It's time to ride 'em dirty.

Monday, March 05, 2007

GO NINJA, GO!'s yet again another incredible Monday. And I'm sooooo excited! I just discovered the East Coast dog and deli down the street...and it's amazing. I walked inside and felt like I was in Martha's Vineyard or something. Yum Yum delicious fun. This past week was completely crazy, filled with non stop laughter, comic creations, superhero animations, and weekend movies. Go see ZODIAC if you haven't already. Holy dang, such a great film! This month is crazy good for this stuff...and especially the fact that TMNT comes out in a couple of weeks! Oh man...I can't wait! I'm totally sneaking a full size pizza into the theater somehow just for kicks. And I can only imagine the hundreds of folks in costume for least, there better be! Ah...and here's a novelty tribute for you: