Friday, March 23, 2007

Yep yipper. I'm finally all rested up from last weeks chaos and ready to start things up again here in Los Angeles. April is already getting jammed up with amazing events and hooray because it feels like summer! Today I had the joy of receiving a goodie. The guys got me a robot lamp.....(a robot lamp!) for my dark cave of a desk area and this thing is sooo damn cool. It's kind of ridiculous. It pretty much takes the cake. Icing and all. Other than that, I walked out to get a sandwich...and decided to take the get-a-long gang for a walk. However, the walk turned out to be 2 damn that sub shop was far! But sooo worth it. Yummy banana pickles make my world go 'round. Tonight...well who knows what's up. But tommorrow it's an afternoon with WhiteStarr in Malibu. Oh the adventure!

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