Monday, March 26, 2007

I've never written a glum blog. But I'm glum and it's gloomy. I hate being glum, even when there's lots of greatness going around. Yesterday I bbq'd and got a great sunburn. Ouch. I somehow forgot to put the sunblock on my back which makes it pretty rough to sleep at night. It's hot, it's cold, it's sensitive. Pffft! But yesterday, I was also contacted by a lovely editor in Egypt who will be using some of my photos for a fashion spread in some big Cairo Magazine. Sweetness. Plus, Playboy and Jane will be putting photos from SXSW up on their sites...stay tuned for that feast! And, I was asked today to shoot the STREET style for Nylon. Pretty fantastic. Get out your fashionable funk so I can take photos of you!! But regardless, I need to get out of gloomdom and pep up. My coffee isn't working. I wish it would just rain already and get it over with. Sheesh. Oh...BOA tonight, GET FAMOUS and apparently win $50. Nice deal 'eh! And tomorrow, it's the Deadly Syndrome at Boardners and DATA ROCK at Check Yo'. Wheee.

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