Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I finally made it home to LA for a couple of days this past weekend just for BLOW UP. This month's Blow Up seriously took the cake...that shit was off the wall happy slippy sloppy. Although being home, there was definitely minimal sleep being had. Even all the way up to the wee hours prior to my flight out of LA and back to the middle of the country. On a fun note, my friend RDUB has this crazy fun video series called "We Got Bored". I just spent my last few hours in LA this weekend bouncing around in a parking lot while he worked on the latest...check it out:

And in the meantime, I'm getting ill from all the nonstop plane hopping, city circling, party hop shooting, air mattress non snoozing. But it's worth it. When the hell else am I gonna rock out in the middle of Nebraska and Kansas...

** Party update: Philly still takes the cake on the most riotous midweek bash thus far. Philly you're golden.

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And believe it or not...Omaha was pretty damn awesome as well! Yip Yip!!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Holy shit, I just spent 13 or 14 or 15 I don't know how many hours in a car driving from Boston to Chicago in one night....and I feel like my eyes are gonna fall out or my head's going to pop or something. I left straight from the shoot at Hearthrob last night, drove to Chicago, and's off to Omaha in the morning to hang with The Faint and then back in LA for the weekend! Yaaay!
And so, now in Chitown, and it's damn freezing here. Literally, since I got to Chicago it's dropped about twenty degrees!! Holy cold right now. Gimme blankies and hoodies! And a pumpkin, cause I haven't carved one yet this year.
But of course with the worse comes the best...which would be that the only way I survived the trip from Beantown to Windy City was with the spontaneous company of my friend Jef who helped me truly believe we were driving the Delorian half way across country. I insisted we were heading back in time, so we just cruised along like we were. So much so, that I even got busted at 6am by a State Trooper in Hamburg, NY. Hamburger is more like it, falling under the Supervision of Mayor McCheese.
But so yeah, the trooper has zero, ZERO, humor, so when he knocks on the dark window and just spits out "State Trooper, 85 in a 65" and my response is..."sorry Officer, but have you failed to notice this is the Delorian? And Doc Brown says I gots to get it up to 88 mph in order to get back in time!" ... wasn't so funny. And the 25 foot long ticket I got, not so funny either.

However, the funny part is, we drove by a sticker saying 'Vote for Strickland', the town of Lorraine and the classic Huey Lewis "Power of Love" comes on the radio. Not to mention that immediately after being pulled over Sammy Hagar's 'I Can't Drive 55' comes on. We remedy the lyrics and sing along changing the words to Ellei can't drive 85...hilarious on no sleep. And holy smack, thank the dust under my tires he hadn't caught me ten minutes prior, when I was solid cruising at 105.
More funnies included non-talking tollworkers, overly knowledgeable sketchy toll booth workers, lone dudes doing calesthenics at a truck stop, a chick blatantly drinking a beer while driving on the interstate at 11am, and about 10 demolitions of deer bodies sprawled out all over the highway. Yay...can't wait for my solo trek to Nebraska!! But tonight it's New Young Pony Club and some quick hang sessions with my Chicago buddies...fuuun! I'll be sure to wear a ski mask.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Fancy hotels and big ass flying cockroaches. Panic, Anne Lee and I were all a bit exhausted from milling about the city yesterday and had a pretty interesting wake up call around 8pm when a huge, super duper sized cockroach flew in and landed on Panic's head. He dusted it off...and then it was on the bed. And then there was screaming and Panicked Panic and Shrieking girls running around the room. How does one kill a cockroach? Especially when he flies and runs into dark corners heading directly to your pile of clothes and luggage on the floor. We swatted him with shoes and newspapers and literally ended up turning the bed upside down, all of us standing on mattresses and couches and tippy-toes. The bugger was playing dead and when we went to move him he ran off again. More shrieks and screaming. I'm surprised hotel security didn't bust the door down. We eventually tag team squash stamped his ass under a newspaper and sent him floating down the toilet bowl river. High adrenaline hit and we strode down to the Darkroom for a bit. And then back over to Studio B for the Modular party. Cool Kids were awesome, Muscles was amazing and NYPC glittered about. The place turned into a sauna and we then headed back over the bridge to Rebel to hit up my Franki Chan and Le Castle Vania's party for a bit. It was pretty cleared out when we got there, but we got to hang with The Glamour for a bit and Seva from My Open the leftover antics from late night dwellers were pretty interesting. Anne Lee showcased to me some of her freestyle skills...and then we filled up on more crepes and Anne played on the NYC style monkey bars (aka scaffolding). And finally, a bit more of a chill evening in the hotel room...some sort of text wars and Blake Miller melting over his delicious Famous crepe. Mmm mmm good! Too many bodies in a hotel room equals sweaty ass sleeping with the overture of sniffles and snoring.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tijuana, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and now New York City. A flight with a screaming baby for 5 hours nonstop after two hours of sleep. But finally, balanced in the big apple. San Francisco was nutters, obviously. I hit up Lights Down Low on Friday and then Frisco Disco on Saturday which was also the bachelor party for Jefrodisiac. Holy smack, male stripper hilarity. Poor Jeff. And the best was the high tailing session I decided to make immediately after the party which meant a long ass drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Apparently, the Jeep goes faster than imagined, since I made it back to LA in four hours. Whoa. I crashed so damn hard when I finally stumbled into the LA pad. And woke up six hours later a bit dazed and wondered. But now, I'm trying to align my senses on the east coast. Tuesday night we ran around carelessly through the city bouncing to about five different venues with our Vice crew. Lots of cabs, lots of crepes and lots of club dancing. James Murphy at Hiro, The Black Angels at 200 Bar, Simian Mobile crew and some street mania and groveling. Yesterday was lunch with Vito from The Rapture where I learned the intrigues of Dim Sum. Thanks Vito and Anne for the party in my tummy. Last night I rumbled around at Studio B with Dandi Wind and Isis from Thunderheist. The girls tore it up, no lie. Dandi was hanging from the ceiling and climbing anything she could wrap herself around. I played with her dog later...and then headed back to 200 Bar until about 4am.
The bestest was the late night afterparty that continued in the super fancy hotel room I've been hooked up with. It has a sauna...therefore bubble parties and steam fests were in session until 6am. So were Pringles in bed and futon jump arounds. Nicky Digital is hilarious and a champ for not sleeping last night. More to come...from the next four days of Shadowscene tour mania in New York City.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I don't remember. I had something to write. I think it was about the crazy ass four days I've just had...and am still trying to collect my brains' waves around. But here's an amazing video for our dopetastic media that we like to throw at you from time to time.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Datarock was amazing the other night...a filled up Detroit Bar and lots of beer spilled down into my shoe and sock. Of course...this was followed by yesterday morning, where an entire pot of hot coffee from Anne's house went spilling into the same shoe, different sock. It was continued retardation starting when the neighbors asked the group of 16 people standing in the front yard what band we were in. What? I glanced back at the pack and realized we were all somehow matching. Ridiculous. From there, it was a walk to the metro, a deliriously hilarious walk full of stumblings and pit stops for snackaroos and such. And then, we took an accidental Detour fest. And the 12 hours of shooting began. For some reason, most of the festival is a blur, other than Turbo Negro which was AWESOME, especially when I got the crowd covered in streamers and the biggest dudes possible were waving them around like giddy cheerleaders. Then...some pizza nibbles and a long ass walk to The Standard for the Justice afterparty. Jo pit stopped in the shrubs and I lallygagged along shooting and then we cruised into the party. I do believe I napped on the ground for a bit near some little table. And a few moments later, about five of my friends were cat napping with me. And then Tigger bounce, I was back in action....avoiding the spraying champagne from hitting my new camera. The inside of the Standard became a sweat pit soon enough...and the next thing I knew, party was over, and I was wandering downtown LA having been separated from everyone. Yay. No taxicabs with a phone about to die standing on a dirty dark corner. I made buds with some rad homeless dude and by mere luck, a couple I knew dawdled past and dragged my ass to Del Taco. And then home. Oh sweet hooray for fluffy pillows!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Wake up. Just did...from a killer nap. One of those naps where you wake up and don't know what day it is or where you're suppose to be and hardly remember laying down to begin with. One of those, oh, I'm just gonna shut my eyes for just ... one...second. Zzzzzz.
Life's hectic. Just kicked off the Shadowscene tour yesterday with my boys TJ and Frederik of Datarock. They played a killer show in Costa Mesa at the Detroit bar. Rae came with me to hang in OC and we yet again came up with a million projects and rad things that we have to do. Everything turns into a hilarious mission with us it seems. Oh...and someone remind me NOT to eat avocado. Apparently I'm still allergic, ouch.
Sleepyhead is wearing off. It's colder outside. And dark. Tomorrow is Detour festival. I'm about to spend the next three nights with those darn French Ed Bangers again...including Justice, Busy P, DJ Mehdi and more. Sunday I'll be joyriding in the bus with the gang all the way to Tijuana for what I'm sure will be absolutely mind melting adrenaline foreign fun. Ay caramba!! Not to mention the fact that the tv crew will be riding my ankles for some video documentation of the tour as well. Oh boy!
Starting Sunday the tour updates will be posted up on so there'll be daily updates of what the hell I'm doing. I'm sure most of those blogs will be written on 2 hours of sleep, no sleep, drunken stupors or painful after party woes. In other words, they'll be a brain tickler for sure.
Oh yeah...and today sucked because I had to buy yet again, another new camera. I do believe a Shadowscene fundraiser is in order. Or maybe someone can write a sweet letter to the girl that dumped her drink on my gear and enclose a bill with the note. That'd be rad too.