Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I finally made it home to LA for a couple of days this past weekend just for BLOW UP. This month's Blow Up seriously took the cake...that shit was off the wall happy slippy sloppy. Although being home, there was definitely minimal sleep being had. Even all the way up to the wee hours prior to my flight out of LA and back to the middle of the country. On a fun note, my friend RDUB has this crazy fun video series called "We Got Bored". I just spent my last few hours in LA this weekend bouncing around in a parking lot while he worked on the latest...check it out:

And in the meantime, I'm getting ill from all the nonstop plane hopping, city circling, party hop shooting, air mattress non snoozing. But it's worth it. When the hell else am I gonna rock out in the middle of Nebraska and Kansas...

** Party update: Philly still takes the cake on the most riotous midweek bash thus far. Philly you're golden.

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And believe it or not...Omaha was pretty damn awesome as well! Yip Yip!!

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