Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Holy shit, I just spent 13 or 14 or 15 I don't know how many hours in a car driving from Boston to Chicago in one night....and I feel like my eyes are gonna fall out or my head's going to pop or something. I left straight from the shoot at Hearthrob last night, drove to Chicago, and's off to Omaha in the morning to hang with The Faint and then back in LA for the weekend! Yaaay!
And so, now in Chitown, and it's damn freezing here. Literally, since I got to Chicago it's dropped about twenty degrees!! Holy cold right now. Gimme blankies and hoodies! And a pumpkin, cause I haven't carved one yet this year.
But of course with the worse comes the best...which would be that the only way I survived the trip from Beantown to Windy City was with the spontaneous company of my friend Jef who helped me truly believe we were driving the Delorian half way across country. I insisted we were heading back in time, so we just cruised along like we were. So much so, that I even got busted at 6am by a State Trooper in Hamburg, NY. Hamburger is more like it, falling under the Supervision of Mayor McCheese.
But so yeah, the trooper has zero, ZERO, humor, so when he knocks on the dark window and just spits out "State Trooper, 85 in a 65" and my response is..."sorry Officer, but have you failed to notice this is the Delorian? And Doc Brown says I gots to get it up to 88 mph in order to get back in time!" ... wasn't so funny. And the 25 foot long ticket I got, not so funny either.

However, the funny part is, we drove by a sticker saying 'Vote for Strickland', the town of Lorraine and the classic Huey Lewis "Power of Love" comes on the radio. Not to mention that immediately after being pulled over Sammy Hagar's 'I Can't Drive 55' comes on. We remedy the lyrics and sing along changing the words to Ellei can't drive 85...hilarious on no sleep. And holy smack, thank the dust under my tires he hadn't caught me ten minutes prior, when I was solid cruising at 105.
More funnies included non-talking tollworkers, overly knowledgeable sketchy toll booth workers, lone dudes doing calesthenics at a truck stop, a chick blatantly drinking a beer while driving on the interstate at 11am, and about 10 demolitions of deer bodies sprawled out all over the highway. Yay...can't wait for my solo trek to Nebraska!! But tonight it's New Young Pony Club and some quick hang sessions with my Chicago buddies...fuuun! I'll be sure to wear a ski mask.

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