Friday, October 19, 2007

Fancy hotels and big ass flying cockroaches. Panic, Anne Lee and I were all a bit exhausted from milling about the city yesterday and had a pretty interesting wake up call around 8pm when a huge, super duper sized cockroach flew in and landed on Panic's head. He dusted it off...and then it was on the bed. And then there was screaming and Panicked Panic and Shrieking girls running around the room. How does one kill a cockroach? Especially when he flies and runs into dark corners heading directly to your pile of clothes and luggage on the floor. We swatted him with shoes and newspapers and literally ended up turning the bed upside down, all of us standing on mattresses and couches and tippy-toes. The bugger was playing dead and when we went to move him he ran off again. More shrieks and screaming. I'm surprised hotel security didn't bust the door down. We eventually tag team squash stamped his ass under a newspaper and sent him floating down the toilet bowl river. High adrenaline hit and we strode down to the Darkroom for a bit. And then back over to Studio B for the Modular party. Cool Kids were awesome, Muscles was amazing and NYPC glittered about. The place turned into a sauna and we then headed back over the bridge to Rebel to hit up my Franki Chan and Le Castle Vania's party for a bit. It was pretty cleared out when we got there, but we got to hang with The Glamour for a bit and Seva from My Open the leftover antics from late night dwellers were pretty interesting. Anne Lee showcased to me some of her freestyle skills...and then we filled up on more crepes and Anne played on the NYC style monkey bars (aka scaffolding). And finally, a bit more of a chill evening in the hotel room...some sort of text wars and Blake Miller melting over his delicious Famous crepe. Mmm mmm good! Too many bodies in a hotel room equals sweaty ass sleeping with the overture of sniffles and snoring.

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