Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tijuana, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and now New York City. A flight with a screaming baby for 5 hours nonstop after two hours of sleep. But finally, balanced in the big apple. San Francisco was nutters, obviously. I hit up Lights Down Low on Friday and then Frisco Disco on Saturday which was also the bachelor party for Jefrodisiac. Holy smack, male stripper hilarity. Poor Jeff. And the best was the high tailing session I decided to make immediately after the party which meant a long ass drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Apparently, the Jeep goes faster than imagined, since I made it back to LA in four hours. Whoa. I crashed so damn hard when I finally stumbled into the LA pad. And woke up six hours later a bit dazed and wondered. But now, I'm trying to align my senses on the east coast. Tuesday night we ran around carelessly through the city bouncing to about five different venues with our Vice crew. Lots of cabs, lots of crepes and lots of club dancing. James Murphy at Hiro, The Black Angels at 200 Bar, Simian Mobile crew and some street mania and groveling. Yesterday was lunch with Vito from The Rapture where I learned the intrigues of Dim Sum. Thanks Vito and Anne for the party in my tummy. Last night I rumbled around at Studio B with Dandi Wind and Isis from Thunderheist. The girls tore it up, no lie. Dandi was hanging from the ceiling and climbing anything she could wrap herself around. I played with her dog later...and then headed back to 200 Bar until about 4am.
The bestest was the late night afterparty that continued in the super fancy hotel room I've been hooked up with. It has a sauna...therefore bubble parties and steam fests were in session until 6am. So were Pringles in bed and futon jump arounds. Nicky Digital is hilarious and a champ for not sleeping last night. More to come...from the next four days of Shadowscene tour mania in New York City.

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