Sunday, October 07, 2007

Datarock was amazing the other night...a filled up Detroit Bar and lots of beer spilled down into my shoe and sock. Of course...this was followed by yesterday morning, where an entire pot of hot coffee from Anne's house went spilling into the same shoe, different sock. It was continued retardation starting when the neighbors asked the group of 16 people standing in the front yard what band we were in. What? I glanced back at the pack and realized we were all somehow matching. Ridiculous. From there, it was a walk to the metro, a deliriously hilarious walk full of stumblings and pit stops for snackaroos and such. And then, we took an accidental Detour fest. And the 12 hours of shooting began. For some reason, most of the festival is a blur, other than Turbo Negro which was AWESOME, especially when I got the crowd covered in streamers and the biggest dudes possible were waving them around like giddy cheerleaders. Then...some pizza nibbles and a long ass walk to The Standard for the Justice afterparty. Jo pit stopped in the shrubs and I lallygagged along shooting and then we cruised into the party. I do believe I napped on the ground for a bit near some little table. And a few moments later, about five of my friends were cat napping with me. And then Tigger bounce, I was back in action....avoiding the spraying champagne from hitting my new camera. The inside of the Standard became a sweat pit soon enough...and the next thing I knew, party was over, and I was wandering downtown LA having been separated from everyone. Yay. No taxicabs with a phone about to die standing on a dirty dark corner. I made buds with some rad homeless dude and by mere luck, a couple I knew dawdled past and dragged my ass to Del Taco. And then home. Oh sweet hooray for fluffy pillows!


jo said...

oh man it was SUCH good times! I can't wait for the photos:)


Julie Julie said...

Went to a party last Saturday night... Didn't get laid... got in a fight... un hunh.