Friday, February 12, 2010

Let's talk about teef. Err, teeth. Teeth are apparently right up there with a twinkle in the eye, good biceps and a chest lift. Ha, chest lift. But I've always loved the natural, crooked toof, buck toof, gapped toof etc. Even when I was younger and all the kids had braces, I wanted them! I even went the extra effort of bending a paper clip into what I thought was the closest thing to having metal mouth so I could "wear" braces too. That didn't last long since the damn thing kept falling out. But look at Kate Moss, Jewel, and Kirsten Dunst for examples. Half of their signature look is that whacked out grin. Au natural! And let's face it, if you smile at me and your teeth are whiter than the whites of your eyes...something is wrong. I'm blinded and I'm thinking you either don't eat or you are consuming way too much peroxide or bleach or whatever the hell and you're lucky your gums are still pink.
Crooked teeth are where it's at! Gapped smiles win! An off sized denture is rad! Shit, I even still have my wisdom teeth. And now...I guess it's catching on. Because the new dental messing up your teeth! I mean, I say go with what you've got. Maybe crack your smile chasing after a squirrel or ping-pong ball. But hey, at least people are finally realizing that imperfections are the true perfections. Grin and bear it; or something. And go Bullwinkle!