Thursday, May 31, 2007

I love Tootsie pops. Better yet...the 69 Boys and the "Tootsie Roll". Check out these videos...I'm sure one of them will get you rollin'. Poor quality thanks to 1994.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Long day. Long day. loooonnnggg daaaaayyy. Tonight's the premiere of the long awaited Punk's Not Dead documentary. I contributed a whole stack of photos to this documentary a couple years back and it's finally being released! Yay!! And in conjunction with the release is some crazy punk after party. Sweet deal.
However, I'm super excited for the illinois show tomorrow night..super duper! It's been over a month since I hung with those guys and hooray they're back in town..and hopefully some of you smarty pants are going to check them out! Ooh Ooh...and check this out too. Someone puhlllease call it:

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Most of you may know, I'm pretty prone to the phrase, 'really....really guy, really?' Of course, a bit funnier when used in context and not just typed up in this here blog bit. But in my sleepy euphoric mind state of today, Cuso sent this over in giddyness. Yes. Really.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Last minute mania for me last night...when I had thought I'd be staying home for once. Nope nope! I headed out to Sam's for a dinner and drink with Sharon which turned into three drinks and dinner with Sharon, Debbie and Charly. Oh yeah...and four Doors cover bands. Personally, the hard core Doors cover band was the best I think. It was like 1994 all over again. Oh and hilarious times with The Vacation who headlined the evening and Steve stole my drink right out of my hand, drank half of it and then threw the glass on the floor. I think the mic stand came crashing down too. And then I crashed and resorted to bottles of water at the bar.
Oh oh...and this is awesome. And random. So the infamous Howl At The Moon in Citywalk, oh such crazy times, was brought to mind the other evening. Apparently, Los Angeles is getting smaller and smaller. The night Stevie, Ho Ho, Creeksta and I ventured out to The Moon was reedonkulous. Bartenders gyrating on pianos, barrels of peanuts, group karaoke, stage diving and dancing, 3 for 1 drinks, everyone getting separated and lost in Universal, dark alleys and hidden digs, oh yeah, and girls vomiting at the bar.
This is where LA becomes smaller to me. What are the chances...that vomitous girl, who dry humped Creeksta all night and then bought us a round of drinks prior to letting loose next to the kegs, would make another appearance ... but this time over at the Short Stop. Oh and the best part...her telling me to delete all the kissy kissy photos of her and some dude...ahem, because she's married. What a doozy indeed.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nutsola! Here's the BPM video from last week's killer party with Lazaro, Aoki and Mstrkrft at The Roxy...crrraaazzzzy fun. I think I'm in there flashing around somewhere ...

Ah yes..and don't forget to listen to KUCI 88.9FM this Saturday from 4--6PM. I'll be co-hosting and playing some jams with Them Jeans! Yes!!! Kick back, have a drink and check out the Extra Large Saturday show.
So....Awesometown tonight, nothing short of AWESOME! hahha. no wait. hahahaha. Seriously. The place was absolutely packed tonight, grrreat! Desert Eagle was so amazing. And the damn Jew Crew blew my mind! But my favorite part of the night was at about 1am when Dirty was up dancing on the leather couches and I was like 'oh, ok, cool....dig it'. Then...I see slow motion...falling backwards, arms straight up in the air like a game of trust freefall, body smashing against the brown tables, glasses and bottles cracking, crumbling to the floor. And then Dirty somehow safely landed on the leather sofa. All was good. Until about 15 minutes later when Taradactyl did the same damn thing. I decided the corner was cursed and migrated, avoiding a near fatal tumble slip myself, with a bit of shattered glass in my shoe and a broken suspender. Wowee Zowee.
Oh, so on another note, is it weird that I'm slightly tempted to respond to all of this annoying spam about penis enlargement and free ipods and how to get him/her into bed? Seriously, the next myspace comment I get about this is gonna get a serious hilarious dose of my attention. Because honestly, if you haven't heard, apparently there's a ton of free shit on the internet (holy smokes!) and methods of sexual enhancement. Wow. No kidding. It's oh so Awesome!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I came to the conclusion today...that I am peanut butter. And there's some weird car outside that makes a funny squeaky sound every night at 3am. There's also some dude that pulls up outside my building at 9am precisely every weekday morning and has a super annoying horn that he relentlessly lays on. But yeah, peanut butter. Screw jelly. Soooo good.
So, if you didn't make it to the Devlin Darko show tonight, you're an idiot. No really, and I mean that in the nicest of ways. Tonight in Los Angeles the Spank Rock DJ's Devlin & Darko played at the Echo, along with Wallpaper who was pretty damn rad as well. Six months when you're kicking yourself in the arse for skipping out; well..yeah. I told you so. Hi, hugs.
New favorite band of the moment = X-ray Spex. Fun.
Friday I went to Hil's bday bash. Also Laura's. Someone brought excessively large numeric stickers which really got the party started, or maybe it started with the booze and condom filled pinata. Whichever. The stickers were fantastic. Drunken sticker art is the best. After Badminton with the Acid Girls.
Mokey (aka Fatty) still meows and cuddles, so my theory is...he's healthy. Still looking into those herbal miracle cures..oh, and Pet Insurance (wtf?). Yeah. Tomorrow is Awesometown. Super fun! I may even hit that cue ball a couple times...come get Awesome. And drink cheap Dewars! Deeew it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Swamped today. But fun and games still kickin'. Ho busy as he is, managed to make me into a bobblehead rapper and send it over to me. Thanks Ho Ho. You made my afternoon. hahahha. Oh Boy...the best is when I am dropped from the sky and land on my head: go see the full set.
Other than that, I'm still catching up from last weeks madness with Mstrkrft, Lazaro, Puma, BPM, and Blow Up LA! What a week! There's nothing more amusing to me than the 4am drive on Wednesday with Mstrkrft in my back seat and Laz riding shotgun all bumping out to the sweet sounds of Steely Dan. And hooray for Cactus stand good, even when they run out of cheese for the burritos. Hmph. Blow Up was of the better venues so far...and next month is the 1 Year anniversary of BLOW UP! So that night's gonna explode. Plus there's pool parties, underground art gigs, frog jumping and more. Oh, and the return of Check Yo' this weekend with Crystal Castles. Things really just don't stop around here. So many goodies right 'round the corner.
P.S...still looking for some remedies for fat cat diabetes. Assist!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I don't know why...but one night at the Short Stop completely freaked me out when I saw this photo up on the wall of a gray cat. It looked like my cat on the wall. Of course, the couple of Hefe's I'd been drinking may have contributed to the likening. But I still had to drag up the photos...
Short Stop Feline is in the photo above....and now...Mokey:
Hmm...yeah don't really know what I was thinking but I guess there's a few similarities. Intriguing.
Oh and while we're on the topic of Mr. Mokey (aka. Fatty), let's just say he's a bit of a mess. Doc says he's ready to be hopped up on the insulin. How dare he develop diabetes after all these years! Ugh, needles and glucose syrup. is now in the works...and any feline diabetic remedies are greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Holy calamity hot dang sustain. It's been a week, and some of you are slappin' me around for not updating you on daily madness. So...finally, I'm here! Look...lingo for you to read!! If you've been bumping around you know it's been a bit crazy here in LA with fires and Hiltons, amazing DJ's margaritas and some sweet waffle cones. I almost passed out a couple times over the weekend from hysterical laughing fits and exhaustion. But I'm back and a bit more balanced. Monday night I ransacked the "LAST MINUTE" party hosted by Drunk Joe. Seriously, a party hosted by a guy named drunk. Plus, I got to DJ in Rebel Love which was pretty insane considering we headlined at the 1am slot. Sweet digs. Oh, and it was Christian's birthday, so we closed the bar and closed the doors and I let loose on my own little freestyle session just for the few stragglers kicking at the bar. Then I wanted to pass out in a chair. But instead, we bumped over to Thomas's and I hugged the dog and ate a cracker and then went home. Dropped my phone and watched it smash into 10 itty bitty pieces. Then Marty from Bullet Train to Vegas helped me repair it while we ate a box of ritz with peanut butter scoopings. Alls better. Phone works, tummy's full. And after the four days of mad dashing and jumping around, Tuesday was straight up lounging.
But tonight!!! Back in action...for Lazaro Casanova and MSTRKRFT at the BPM issue release party. I dunno...this may be nuts. Actually, I'm sure it will be. Laz and the Kraft make one heck of a duo...oh the smashings and mash ups. Sunset Strip...ouch. Never a dull moment.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Song Lyrics for 3AM...with headphones and blankets and full moons. Thanks to the lovely Ponys...of Pony Up. These ladies will drink you silly...and then pass out just as the party gets started. Amazing. The 3AM song of choice is
The Truth About Cats & Dogs (Is That They Die) Curl up...listen and hum along to the sounds of dirty shoes and wet socks, cat naps and sleepwalks. Crawling out windows and climbing down brick walls...send me postcards and sleep for days.
Something like that...yes. Love these ladies and all their Canadian charm and boozalism. (yes, i just made that word up).

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So last night I went to the Stoli party, fiesta, free booze, drinky event. Yay, basically a fancy warehouse party. Personally, if it's a warehouse, it may as well be dirty. However, the blueberry lemonade concoction was marvelous. Plus, Rich showed up and somehow managed to find yet another blossom to hand over which I immediately tucked into my pocket. Sweet. Two lemonades later, I headed back home, where my yard was still immersed in flames from some lame arsonist yet again. This time, the flames got a bit too close to home. No ashes, strangely, but hot orange bursts all along the horizon of my backyard. I sat on my patio in the 90 degree heat watching the helicopters douse the last of the flames after about twelve hours of fighting it. They're still swarming my neighborhood like flies. Two blocks east of me was being evacuated, as were all the lil' animals in the LA Zoo. Crazy Hollywood fires....the second big inferno to hit H'wood in a month. Except, today's heat and tornado winds really wound this one up. I feel like I live at the base of a volcano watching the lava colored sky out my window. I say I should bust out the hose and be the extinguishing grace for my street. I also say, it'd be amazing to be this robot right now....fancy pants...oh damn. In fact, I don't remember the last time I skated at I'm off. At least this time I'll grace my sidewalk and streets in an alert stumble, not sleepwalking cat hunting or tipsy cab calling. Time to rumble the asphalt with a fluorescent glowing backdrop.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I woke up yesterday and it was hot. I woke up this morning and it was even hotter. Hotter than tarnations! Whatever that means. Yes...and the worse of it is, my neighbors decided it'd be a good idea to cut down some trees. Great...good landscaping. But, that means no more shade for my apartment. Which means it's hot out and the blazin' sun is just shooting right in. At 6:30am. Nice one. Now I need to invest in some drapes or thicker blinds. Because this whole waking up to intense bright light on your face at six in the morning and ten degree immediate temperature increase, not my friend.
Last night I cruised over to The Bar. Yes. The Bar. That's its name if you can believe it. Or maybe you could just call it Cocktails seeing how that's the only signage it's given. The Bar is amazing. I think I had a beer drinking contest with Jonah. Wait, yes I did. I think he won. Then we walked St. Nick home, half carrying the chap, tucked him in and went for 230am treats. Yummy cafe treats where half of us were nearly passing out on the table from pure exhaustion and the other half nearly passing out from tipsyness. I ate some mac n' cheese, bounced over to my apartment and passed out on the famous blue couch.

Oooh...check this out (thanks Honaker!):

Friday, May 04, 2007

Ketchup! This week has been a non stop bustle. Meetings and editing and meetings and shoots. Damn. I'm finally back in zone one after draining myself on all extents in the desert for three days. It was pretty amazing, my favorite shows being Jarvis Cocker, The Kooks and Rage. It amazes me how every time The Kooks play I feel like it's 1970 or something and shit's blowin' up big time. It's pretty fantastic. I spent an evening and afternoon with the lads photographing and hanging out. Sweet Gents. Or blokes? I dunno. Need to catch up on that lingo. Damn, I'm still working on my French.
I got back into LA Monday morning, slept two hours, and then it was off to do some Network television work and reading a thousand emails that somehow didn't make it through over the weekend. And Tuesday was our big 1 Year bash at Check Yo' Ponytail. I was a hyper gal, jumping around like it was my birthday and I'd gotten hopped up on cake frosting. Spank Rock and Roxy Cottontail were sooo amazing! The place was dripping in explosions of champagne and sweat. Shirts were coming off, pants were dropping and I think I almost passed out from the humidity. We really partied like, well, like we hadn't all just killed ourselves in the desert two days prior. Totally amazing. Flosstradamus had the dance floor packed, plus Acid Girls, Har Mar and Johnny Love all came by and bumped around with the gang. I took off at about 2am for my usual quesadilla fix and that was that.
Wednesday was some Lubitsch Russian vodka fun...and last night Little Joy. Where do these places come from; LA is packed with little hidden treasures. Tonight, Teddy time. Fancy Schmancy pants in the middle of what I like to call LA's Times Square.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

HUMPS, here's an interesting contribution share from Sir Tim. Thanks, Tim. Um..errr. Here it is.

Tomorrow...Coachella bits and bites and snippets. Tally ho.