Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So last night I went to the Stoli party, fiesta, free booze, drinky event. Yay, basically a fancy warehouse party. Personally, if it's a warehouse, it may as well be dirty. However, the blueberry lemonade concoction was marvelous. Plus, Rich showed up and somehow managed to find yet another blossom to hand over which I immediately tucked into my pocket. Sweet. Two lemonades later, I headed back home, where my yard was still immersed in flames from some lame arsonist yet again. This time, the flames got a bit too close to home. No ashes, strangely, but hot orange bursts all along the horizon of my backyard. I sat on my patio in the 90 degree heat watching the helicopters douse the last of the flames after about twelve hours of fighting it. They're still swarming my neighborhood like flies. Two blocks east of me was being evacuated, as were all the lil' animals in the LA Zoo. Crazy Hollywood fires....the second big inferno to hit H'wood in a month. Except, today's heat and tornado winds really wound this one up. I feel like I live at the base of a volcano watching the lava colored sky out my window. I say I should bust out the hose and be the extinguishing grace for my street. I also say, it'd be amazing to be this robot right now....fancy pants...oh damn. In fact, I don't remember the last time I skated at I'm off. At least this time I'll grace my sidewalk and streets in an alert stumble, not sleepwalking cat hunting or tipsy cab calling. Time to rumble the asphalt with a fluorescent glowing backdrop.

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