Thursday, May 24, 2007

So....Awesometown tonight, nothing short of AWESOME! hahha. no wait. hahahaha. Seriously. The place was absolutely packed tonight, grrreat! Desert Eagle was so amazing. And the damn Jew Crew blew my mind! But my favorite part of the night was at about 1am when Dirty was up dancing on the leather couches and I was like 'oh, ok, cool....dig it'. Then...I see slow motion...falling backwards, arms straight up in the air like a game of trust freefall, body smashing against the brown tables, glasses and bottles cracking, crumbling to the floor. And then Dirty somehow safely landed on the leather sofa. All was good. Until about 15 minutes later when Taradactyl did the same damn thing. I decided the corner was cursed and migrated, avoiding a near fatal tumble slip myself, with a bit of shattered glass in my shoe and a broken suspender. Wowee Zowee.
Oh, so on another note, is it weird that I'm slightly tempted to respond to all of this annoying spam about penis enlargement and free ipods and how to get him/her into bed? Seriously, the next myspace comment I get about this is gonna get a serious hilarious dose of my attention. Because honestly, if you haven't heard, apparently there's a ton of free shit on the internet (holy smokes!) and methods of sexual enhancement. Wow. No kidding. It's oh so Awesome!!!!


Anonymous said...

a little extra love

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Patrick said...

my favorite are the ads for enlarged single ipods in bed