Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Swamped today. But fun and games still kickin'. Ho Ho...as busy as he is, managed to make me into a bobblehead rapper and send it over to me. Thanks Ho Ho. You made my afternoon. hahahha. Oh Boy...the best is when I am dropped from the sky and land on my head: go see the full set.
Other than that, I'm still catching up from last weeks madness with Mstrkrft, Lazaro, Puma, BPM, and Blow Up LA! What a week! There's nothing more amusing to me than the 4am drive on Wednesday with Mstrkrft in my back seat and Laz riding shotgun all bumping out to the sweet sounds of Steely Dan. And hooray for Cactus stand eats...so good, even when they run out of cheese for the burritos. Hmph. Blow Up was nuts...one of the better venues so far...and next month is the 1 Year anniversary of BLOW UP! So that night's gonna explode. Plus there's pool parties, underground art gigs, frog jumping and more. Oh, and the return of Check Yo' this weekend with Crystal Castles. Things really just don't stop around here. So many goodies right 'round the corner.
P.S...still looking for some remedies for fat cat diabetes. Assist!

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