Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Holy calamity hot dang sustain. It's been a week, and some of you are slappin' me around for not updating you on daily madness. So...finally, I'm here! Look...lingo for you to read!! If you've been bumping around you know it's been a bit crazy here in LA with fires and Hiltons, amazing DJ's margaritas and some sweet waffle cones. I almost passed out a couple times over the weekend from hysterical laughing fits and exhaustion. But I'm back and a bit more balanced. Monday night I ransacked the "LAST MINUTE" party hosted by Drunk Joe. Seriously, a party hosted by a guy named drunk. Plus, I got to DJ in Rebel Love which was pretty insane considering we headlined at the 1am slot. Sweet digs. Oh, and it was Christian's birthday, so we closed the bar and closed the doors and I let loose on my own little freestyle session just for the few stragglers kicking at the bar. Then I wanted to pass out in a chair. But instead, we bumped over to Thomas's and I hugged the dog and ate a cracker and then went home. Dropped my phone and watched it smash into 10 itty bitty pieces. Then Marty from Bullet Train to Vegas helped me repair it while we ate a box of ritz with peanut butter scoopings. Alls better. Phone works, tummy's full. And after the four days of mad dashing and jumping around, Tuesday was straight up lounging.
But tonight!!! Back in action...for Lazaro Casanova and MSTRKRFT at the BPM issue release party. I dunno...this may be nuts. Actually, I'm sure it will be. Laz and the Kraft make one heck of a duo...oh the smashings and mash ups. Sunset Strip...ouch. Never a dull moment.

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