Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I came to the conclusion today...that I am peanut butter. And there's some weird car outside that makes a funny squeaky sound every night at 3am. There's also some dude that pulls up outside my building at 9am precisely every weekday morning and has a super annoying horn that he relentlessly lays on. But yeah, peanut butter. Screw jelly. Soooo good.
So, if you didn't make it to the Devlin Darko show tonight, you're an idiot. No really, and I mean that in the nicest of ways. Tonight in Los Angeles the Spank Rock DJ's Devlin & Darko played at the Echo, along with Wallpaper who was pretty damn rad as well. Six months when you're kicking yourself in the arse for skipping out; well..yeah. I told you so. Hi, hugs.
New favorite band of the moment = X-ray Spex. Fun.
Friday I went to Hil's bday bash. Also Laura's. Someone brought excessively large numeric stickers which really got the party started, or maybe it started with the booze and condom filled pinata. Whichever. The stickers were fantastic. Drunken sticker art is the best. After Badminton with the Acid Girls.
Mokey (aka Fatty) still meows and cuddles, so my theory is...he's healthy. Still looking into those herbal miracle cures..oh, and Pet Insurance (wtf?). Yeah. Tomorrow is Awesometown. Super fun! I may even hit that cue ball a couple times...come get Awesome. And drink cheap Dewars! Deeew it.

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