Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I woke up yesterday and it was hot. I woke up this morning and it was even hotter. Hotter than tarnations! Whatever that means. Yes...and the worse of it is, my neighbors decided it'd be a good idea to cut down some trees. Great...good landscaping. But, that means no more shade for my apartment. Which means it's hot out and the blazin' sun is just shooting right in. At 6:30am. Nice one. Now I need to invest in some drapes or thicker blinds. Because this whole waking up to intense bright light on your face at six in the morning and ten degree immediate temperature increase, not my friend.
Last night I cruised over to The Bar. Yes. The Bar. That's its name if you can believe it. Or maybe you could just call it Cocktails seeing how that's the only signage it's given. The Bar is amazing. I think I had a beer drinking contest with Jonah. Wait, yes I did. I think he won. Then we walked St. Nick home, half carrying the chap, tucked him in and went for 230am treats. Yummy cafe treats where half of us were nearly passing out on the table from pure exhaustion and the other half nearly passing out from tipsyness. I ate some mac n' cheese, bounced over to my apartment and passed out on the famous blue couch.

Oooh...check this out (thanks Honaker!):

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