Friday, May 25, 2007

Last minute mania for me last night...when I had thought I'd be staying home for once. Nope nope! I headed out to Sam's for a dinner and drink with Sharon which turned into three drinks and dinner with Sharon, Debbie and Charly. Oh yeah...and four Doors cover bands. Personally, the hard core Doors cover band was the best I think. It was like 1994 all over again. Oh and hilarious times with The Vacation who headlined the evening and Steve stole my drink right out of my hand, drank half of it and then threw the glass on the floor. I think the mic stand came crashing down too. And then I crashed and resorted to bottles of water at the bar.
Oh oh...and this is awesome. And random. So the infamous Howl At The Moon in Citywalk, oh such crazy times, was brought to mind the other evening. Apparently, Los Angeles is getting smaller and smaller. The night Stevie, Ho Ho, Creeksta and I ventured out to The Moon was reedonkulous. Bartenders gyrating on pianos, barrels of peanuts, group karaoke, stage diving and dancing, 3 for 1 drinks, everyone getting separated and lost in Universal, dark alleys and hidden digs, oh yeah, and girls vomiting at the bar.
This is where LA becomes smaller to me. What are the chances...that vomitous girl, who dry humped Creeksta all night and then bought us a round of drinks prior to letting loose next to the kegs, would make another appearance ... but this time over at the Short Stop. Oh and the best part...her telling me to delete all the kissy kissy photos of her and some dude...ahem, because she's married. What a doozy indeed.

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