Friday, May 04, 2007

Ketchup! This week has been a non stop bustle. Meetings and editing and meetings and shoots. Damn. I'm finally back in zone one after draining myself on all extents in the desert for three days. It was pretty amazing, my favorite shows being Jarvis Cocker, The Kooks and Rage. It amazes me how every time The Kooks play I feel like it's 1970 or something and shit's blowin' up big time. It's pretty fantastic. I spent an evening and afternoon with the lads photographing and hanging out. Sweet Gents. Or blokes? I dunno. Need to catch up on that lingo. Damn, I'm still working on my French.
I got back into LA Monday morning, slept two hours, and then it was off to do some Network television work and reading a thousand emails that somehow didn't make it through over the weekend. And Tuesday was our big 1 Year bash at Check Yo' Ponytail. I was a hyper gal, jumping around like it was my birthday and I'd gotten hopped up on cake frosting. Spank Rock and Roxy Cottontail were sooo amazing! The place was dripping in explosions of champagne and sweat. Shirts were coming off, pants were dropping and I think I almost passed out from the humidity. We really partied like, well, like we hadn't all just killed ourselves in the desert two days prior. Totally amazing. Flosstradamus had the dance floor packed, plus Acid Girls, Har Mar and Johnny Love all came by and bumped around with the gang. I took off at about 2am for my usual quesadilla fix and that was that.
Wednesday was some Lubitsch Russian vodka fun...and last night Little Joy. Where do these places come from; LA is packed with little hidden treasures. Tonight, Teddy time. Fancy Schmancy pants in the middle of what I like to call LA's Times Square.

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