Friday, February 23, 2007

So last night it was pouring...and I was aching to go out somewhere seeing how the day was full of computer explosions and sour endings. So I hobbled down to Cahuenga with Dirty Dave, Anna and Mancuso. It was sort of refreshing to hang out in a not so crowded venue for once and listen to rock. Mmm. Rock! But the best part was the random one liners that kept keeping me giggly.
First of was the " gets better" that was tossed out to Anna as she was walking down the street. I said, maybe he knows you're gonna have a gin and tonic, so therefore, he's right?
Next was Anna after she had her gin and tonic: "One drink and it's the Anna show!" And boy was she right...Anna kept us super entertained for the next couple of hours. And the bestest was the intern, celebrating his birthday. "Tonight's my birthday, I turn 19...well, according to my ID, I turn 23." I cheers'd to that for sure. Sillyness ensued but I bolted out a bit early...headed home to get some more work done.
And then, this mornings' surprise was brilliant...I was sent a you tube video...basically some EXTRA coverage of the whole Spears' shaving her head thing, but with an interview by the lovely Emily of Safari Sam's. Hahaha. Amazing. And the greatest part is that she's in a ton of them...lucky you Emily...getting to commentate on the tattoo and buzz buzz of Britney Spears! Yeah...have at it!

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