Thursday, August 24, 2006

So..tonight, it's Motorcycle Boy..vrooom, vrooom, at Safari Sams! Hell yeah! The week has seemed to sort of been slipping away. In a sense that well, damn, it's already pretty much over. Today I spent the afternoon running around the park shooting my friends headshots. It was pretty darn stellar to say the least. And of course it was 40 percent headshots and 60 percent playtime. I hope some of you made it out to the Matt & Kim show last night and if not, well you can still catch them this coming week at Check Yo' Ponytail!! Yay!! These guys are amazing. Other than that, it's crazy over on the Shadowscene front...I may be heading down to San Diego tomorrow and but I'll be back in to LA for Saturdays shindigs. Plus...this Saturday is the Har Mar party with Fabrezio of The Strokes...seriously, what!?
Today's word of the day is stellar. Use it.

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