Saturday, December 02, 2006

Today was awesome, especially since we got a break from the chill and had some sunshine on a Saturday. Speaking of sunshine, tonight is the afterparty for The Sounds with Tommie Sunshine!! This guy is a sick DJ..and the Sounds will be laying down some tracks as well. I love those guys. Check Shadowscene for some photos in the next couple of days. Tonight's going to be insane!!
I also realized that today is December..2nd...and what the hell. Are you kidding me? Because I swear it was just yesterday that it was July 4th and Halloween. Daaamn time flies. I spent my afternoon with Ho Ho eating sushi and mangos, busting jokes and rhymes and worked on some new robo art stuff. And then we had some cranberries and coffee and perused the magazine stand. Oh...and if you catch this month's issue of URB...HOT DAMN...there's a full page photo of MSTRKRFT and JUSTICE by Shadowscene along with a dozen other random party shots. Check it out!! We also caught an article of our friend Matty who has been doing some rad shit. So grab this issue, it's pretty awesome. Other than that, I think it's time to bust out the dreidels and mistletoe. Maybe hang some lights. But tonight, it's hang the dj's!

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i know joe said...

so i woke up this morning around the block...shhhhhhh....

-yay frozen yogurt (no A in yogurt)
-beverly center
-coffee and bagel and pumpkin bread
-shower (not together)
-vodka an organic OJ