Friday, December 29, 2006

Everyone knows stickers are fun...ever since my first scratch n' sniff I've been a huge fan, especially the bubbly stickers, velvet touch stickers and extra large window covering decals. And finally, the first of the Shadowscene stickers arrived last week, so what better thing to do than hand them out at Shadowscene events!! And oh the fun that can be had with stickers...the joy of wondering where to stick this sweet little stickiness. Apparently, anywhere and time, I'm bringing more stickers!!
This week has been short it seems seeing as it falls between two holiday Mooondays...and the best part was it was another Awesometown week!! This week A-town was nuts, packed with a crazy dancefloor. Daniel Ledisko and Chris Holmes had a bit of a DJ off as I would call it, and got the dance action to full blast mania. Talk about a blissful buzz in the air. I didn't do as much photoboothing as I would have liked too, but there was a little appearance by that dude from that show know the one. Well, at least some of you do. Plus, I did get to see the amazing Gray Kid again, and he even demonstrated a trick with his bubble yum. Shake and pop people, shake and pop.
See all the photos from this weeks Awesometown on!!

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