Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Um...whoa...yes. It's now 2007. And the antics of 2006 have ended..or well, simply moved on into the New Year. This was definitely one of my craziest New Years Eves...spent at Little Radio and cruising around in a fully stocked limo all evening. The greatest was the endless amounts of champagne bottles. I'm not even sure how many we eventually polished off, but I do know for the second half of the evening I was passing them out and carrying one around like my own personal 40oz.
The limo ride was ridiculous, especially after Anne managed to uncork the first bottle of champagne and it sprayed the entire interior, complete to filling up someones heel full of foam and fuzzy bubbly, and to then drip-drip off the ceiling until we realized we should maybe clean that up. Ooooh bubbly! Then, off to Little Radio for the AutoLux, Dead Meadows and Bloodcat Love show. Little Radio was packed with only a little room available for a shuffle. I spent a lot of time in the side rooms, snacking on apples and cheese, lounging on bean bag chairs, and then racing around like a rocket. We all had full intention to head down to the Brother Reade show, but all of a sudden it was 4am, and we were passing out, crawling around, collapsing in the limo. And eventually, we all staggered home. Mmmm. We love you Little Radio...and all the pals that made 2006 an absolutely amazing year!!
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