Monday, January 08, 2007

Another weekend come and gone...and what a fuzzy blur it was. Too many antics to remember and lots of naps on the blue couch in between sets of said 'antics.' Friday night I went to the Short Stop for the PUMA New Year kick-off party where Lazaro Casanova had his first DJ set in Los Angeles and teamed up with Flosstradamus and Franki Chan. The best was wandering around in the early portion of the night with Travis after our shots of Goldschlager which I haven't had in a looong time. It seemed everything was amusing to us for a few hours until our minds were too faded to make sense of anything at all.
And then...Saturday...amazing!!! I went to the Wiltern to shoot the My Morning Jacket show. It was super fantastic, talk about putting on a show. I had no idea how great they were. Plus I had my favorite run-ins with Luke, Mark and Airin. It seems it's a guaranteed bonus that they are at the Wiltern for any rad show. From there, it was off to the long awaited Pirate Party for Anne Lee and Dirty Dave. I don't think there was a single person there with less than five drinks in them...considering the girl who passed out in a booth and one who hurled three times on the carpet. Apparently the 4 month old venue wasn't too proud. I wonder how they felt about the frosting drippings from the cake. Or the wax that spilled everywhere from lovely Birch dancing with a candle on his head. Not to mention someone sitting on their "antique chest." And the running around of over 300 people in costume with toy parrots and eye patches, plastic swords and bandanas. Holy calamity! Oh can't have a pirate bar and not expect shenanigans to get a wee bit rowdy. Aaargh!
(Photo courtesy of Rony)

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