Friday, January 12, 2007

I somehow lost yesterday, I don't really know where it went...but I think I skipped a day, or else two just blended into one. First off, Dirty Dave's bday bash at Awesometown on Wednesday was unbelievable! I've never seen so many people wearing BK hats all at the same time...the madness! Plus, there were tons of guys in the ladies room and ladies in the boys room and who the heck knows what else was going on. There were oversized hats, stacks of hats, belted hats, a kissing frenzy and even a birthday tearing off of the shirt. Oh what a slap happy time! Then...last night was the skater park party at Safari Sams. Lots of young'ns tearing it up on their boards, guys pulling tricks with a beer in one hand, spaceships, the 8-Bit robots, the Wylde Bunch covering freakin' Bobby Brown and tales of squirrels and monkeys. No of the best conversations I've ever had with Julie was last night where she attempted to tell me about how Squirrel was trying to hump Monkey all day. All over the apartment, romp, romp, romp. Squirrel, being a bunny, and Monkey being a cat really made this quite interesting to listen to and try to interpret all at once. But trying to visualize the scenario was even worse. A Whatever will happen next?

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Julie said...

Interspecies mating? Homosexual Monkey-cats and Squirrel-bunnies? It's amazing.