Friday, January 26, 2007

Wednesday was mad. Lots of delirious ramblings and a catch 22. Long discussions on blues and too intense reds. Damn cameras. All because it's a "wiki" some said. Ian found it amusing that I wanted to go to CPK...just for their bread and butter. "That's a prison meal." I decided I could throw in some garbanzo beans too. Yep yep. Then there was Awesometown, where most of us rolled around on the floor like monkeys and piggies. "Pig pile!!" First Presto and Filip, then Johnny Love and Lisa. I tumbled to a knee...some girl tumbled all the way down. Shenanigans. There was lots of silliness and I dig it. I also like to play ball.
Mokey won't stop drinking. He drinks over a big bowl a day. So Thursday I took fat cat to the vet. Diabetes they say. "Again?" I ask. Yes, apparently. Fatty has relapsed into his diabetic nature. Oh good times, a pill twice a day!! Way to go fatty!! No more slim jims for you!
Yesterday was finally warm and I spent all day driving, minus the 40 minutes I spent eating with Creeksta and Mike. Yummy cafe's are delicious!! Driving all not so delicious.
JJ has a big bruise on his arm. From snowboarding. Tis' the season. Creeksta has a little sunburn on his nose. Nice.
Saturday is the return of BLOW UP LA!! This one's seriously going to get nuts...GRAY KID, 8-BIT, GUNS & BOMBS...we're gonna get explosive. Let the games begin.

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