Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So this is the deal...I'm sick again. But not as worse as before...just a wee bit of a sniffle stuffy cough hiccups kind of cold. Which makes you drowsy. And walk around in silly stupors when sober as vinegar spritzer. The weirdest part is I think my cats get a kick out of my foggy brain days as they like to team up and create booby traps all over my apartment. These consist of rolled up throw carpets creating a mound effect in the middle of the floor, a few dried up leaves carried into the main room and sprinkled about that really sort of freaks you out when you hear a crunchy crackle under foot, and the ever so popular stretched out bedskirt which allows for a tangled foot or toe and then face down plop on the floor (or in a best case scenario wobble to the bed). Thanks cats.
So, lots of sleep and bbq's were the gist of my weekend, besides the Hang the DJ's at Echo on Saturday, which was super rad as usual. But this week..oh boy!! It's Awesometown week which means freak out time..plus it's the return of BLOW UP LA on Saturday and holy crap...we have performances by both The Gray Kid and 8Bit not to mention a slew of DJ's. And double hooray, because by tomorrow I'm going to be super ready for some dance mania drunktastic action.
Today however, has been mostly tea sipping and work and although it's been lacking in adventurous travels, oh boy the sightings::: James did a bit of the Electric slide at work which was entertaining, mostly because I still have no idea how to do it and don't really want to, but it's pretty great to see. Then later, I went to get more tea at the shop and saw the greatest crew of oldsters hangin' out with their coffee mugs for 2 o'clock tea time. The best part was they all had matching mugs with their own photos on it. Wow...now that's commitment. And thirdly, the bulky dressed gentleman who stooped outside my window for a few minutes looking for I don't know what but only coming up with a pebble.
Plus, today the new February Paper Magazine issue came out which is sort of fantastic. Our lovely Silver Lake crew was in the 'Neighborhood' section and it's great because we all look clearly hungover and dazed. Thank god for the pillow Ben and I got to sit on for an hour. And the vitamin water. Thanks Paper Mag...we love you and your fluffy pillows.

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