Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bigley bought Odouls for the band last night, Trouble Jr. didn't find it funny. Until he realized there was real beer as well. The Deadly Syndrome were amazing, of course, and a horse is a horse. They wore Emily ski masks and it was pretty damn insane. Especially tongues in eyeholes. There were beer waterfalls and hugs galore. Does anyone say galore anymore? I wish I ate a quesadilla, but my bed hit me first. This morning, I ate apples and cinnamon and still needed a breakfast fix. So I dipped into the pretzels. James sings Fat Bottomed Girls in the morning so we listen to it at work. It's amazing. It's pure genius in fact. Kick drums in the early afternoon. I keep dreaming of bumper stickers. Someone tell me what this means. I think I need another cup of make my rockin' world go 'round...with Joan Jett and goldfish crackers.


Anonymous said...

At first I thought you were trying to bust a phat rap, and as I read on, I realized you were on some sort of substance that most all of us would enjoy and possibly make money off of selling before we inevitably got caught and went to jail... and learned a trade for free behind bars.

I heart you.

brandon said...

Actually I bought the odouls, and put thomas up to it, but that's okay.