Monday, November 20, 2006

So here's the closure on the missing wallet. This is fantastic. So Wednesday sort of sucked just because I was at a loss of money, ID's and more, but Thursday I moved on, got a new license and closed out any sort of accounts that may have been foiled with. I kissed that moolah goodbye and case closed. But then, Thursday night I get home and check the mail, and alas, a mysterious little plump white envelope is in my mailbox. No return address, skewed writing and two little stamps...postmarked in my own neighborhood. Huh? I open it and surprise!!! My ID, debit card and Arclight member card. What the...? Of course, no money and no Barcelona wallet. But first of all, it really threw me for a loop. Because at this point I'd already moved on and had no need for these materials anymore. Secondly, who bothers to even send these things if you're gonna steal the rest of the stuff? Guilty conscience, anyone? Maybe they just felt like doing the right thing?
Regardless, I now have some lovely duplicates and I do feel better knowing they are not just floating around Hollywood. I was sort of bummed they didn't include a note. Maybe I'll get a holiday card seeing how they know my address...that would be kind of rad. But I guess I'll stamp this one case closed. And now, the ancient question of what to do when you find a wallet with cash on the sidewalk (or parking lot...or taco stand window) has been answered. Simple! You keep the cashola, maybe keep the wallet if you dig it, and then send the cards back in a blank envelope. It's a done deal.

Tidbit: Oh...and don't dress up as a burglar for Halloween...apparently, this plan will somehow backfire.

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