Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So...yay. Good times this morning when I awoke and realized my wallet was gone. Hooray! lost wallet! But the ultimate kicker of this was last night I was carrying a lot of cash, which if you know me, you know I pretty much never carry or have cash. But for random reasons I did, and I even left it in my car for most of the day and night. But, on my way home from Check Yo' I stuffed that wad of cash right into the wallet and made a quick stop at the Cactus. And poof. Vanished!! Aaaargh! And to think, it could have been a lost empty wallet. But rather, it was probably the fullest wallet I've ever had. Gone.
So, needless to say, today is sad. I'm missing my little Barcelona red knitted wallet full of a months hard earned savings! As soon as I realized it was missing I ran out, jumped in my car and drove back to the burrito stand. The little chiquita at the Cactus this morning who was sweeping the parking lot said she hadn't seen it. But maybe someone will...
That poor pouch traveled far, only to end up in a greasy parking lot at 2am in dark alley gutter punk central. I'll give you lots of cookies and goodies if you find it. Even the empty wallet would be sweet, as it's got lots of sentimental value. But even so, it looks as if I'll be spending an afternoon at the DMV to get a new license. I love Los Angeles...the only place I know where I need to make an appointment to visit the licensing clerk. And with my luck lately, I'll be pulled over for not coming to a complete stop on my way to the motor vehicle office.

:( pew.

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