Wednesday, November 08, 2006

HOW LAME! HOW FUN! this is my travel bits...and I just spent a week traveling, without updating my bits!! Lame! But regardless, you're still getting the update on the Shadowscene NYC adventure, which pretty much started Halloween night and ended this morning. Aargh. I'll just start by saying that the LA Justice/MSTRKRFT Halloween bash was beyond insane...a night that never ended. We pretty much went nuts until 4am at Safari's with the danceteria madness, headed home, kind of packed and then raced to the airport at 6am. The best part was meeting up with everyone who was still intoxicated from a few hours before. And of course, no sleep leads to a bit of fuzzy brained confusion, trouble in the security check-ins and stumbling to catch your plane. Joe went through a full search and I was robbed by security. Oh the harshness of watching them rummage and thieve. No liquid treats for me!
After the crazed airport we all nestled into our seats on the plane and attempted to sleep, which didn't really happen. Five hours later we landed in NYC and headed straight over to BED for the Zombie Prom party...ah the chaos!! Creeksta and Thomas both broke in their flasks while poor Joe struggled to chit-chat with a lost voice. After an hour we were all back in slightly tip-top shape, being chased by Pac Man and a Ghost, pillow fighting, and beer spraying. Brooklyn's Matt & Kim were amazing...and so was the free Monster and vodka. Talk about a savior after being awake for 42 hours straight. Our night ended at "Awesome-town"...our amazing hotel in Soho, where we found ourselves cuddled up and passed out, eager to awake to more Manhattan madness.

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