Monday, November 20, 2006

What a weekend...after all the chaos of losing the wallet and losing lots of sleep last week, I decided to embrace the weekend with minimal work. Friday I checked out the last Deadly Syndrome show for a while. And it was awesome!! The whole Jackass gang stopped by to support all of the Syndromicus-ness. And stuff. From there, we headed to the BFH for some old school metal rock out before walking to Thomas' where the first house party was already in full gear. I busted out the Shadowscene mix to get the dance floor started and quickly traded my Miller Light for a Sparks with the Bermonster. It was an awesome night, full of broken beer bottles, doggies, rock out sessions and couch sitting. Oh yeah, and stumbling, yes stumbling home.
Saturday was another adventure! Sleeping, sushi, meetings and then a last minute call to rescue Tom and Charley out in Malibu where their radiator exploded. Oh pew. But I did get to sip on a Dew Big Slam which I probably haven't done since high school. Yum. From there it was dropping folks off, quick nap and off to The Echo for Hang the DJ's. I photographed away at all the silly antics and then stole Chan's drink and shared it with Trouble Jr. (shhhh). You know whats nuts is that The Echo has hidden cameras and records everything. It was pretty insane. Mancuso was followed by one of the security dudes just for urinating in a stall. Damn. The night ended quickly and with a quesadilla.
Sunday was definitely a lazy day. Creeksta tempted me into a beachy afternoon and we stopped for a mangorita brunch with Shalanna and Bboy followed by a cruise out to Zuma beach. They swam in the ice water and I wrote a short story. yay! We watched the sunset in fragments and then stopped at Dudes, Dales, Dukes...something like that, for a snack on the way home. Snackaroos are great before an hour long drive...seriously. At that point, I decided maybe a little work should be done. I cracked down on the Shadowscene frontier while the others made their way to Howl at the Moon. Damn. And tonight...oh's The Rapture and The Presets in Hollywood...with an afterparty at Starshoes. Talk about dance mania.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, how do you do it? I'm under my covers after a painful drive him from school- every muscle in my body has give up hope... and you're over there partying like a fricken rockstar!! It's unsettling how some people have an endless source of energy while others can't cough without throwing out their back.

BTW, that's kinda rad and lame about the wallet... I'm bummed I couldn't call Sunday but it sounds like you had a killer time!! Take care Ellei.