Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sooooo Kooool
Tonight it's the long awaited show at Check Yo' of Kool Keith...Dr. freakin' Octagon!!! I have to say, the entire past month has been ridiculous for Check Yo' Ponytail with MSTRKRFT, Justice, The Horrors, Totally Radd and now this. Amazing. Plus, we received a bit more press in SPIN Magazine too...check it out!! And in other news, the Hear Gallery is relocating, which means there's a bit of a hold on the radtastic underground sub-culture dwelling we all loved so much. But...that also means there's some new stuff in store. While the crew was running amuck in New York, we decided to coin our lovely hotel room "Awesometown". And it truly was awesome; the crash pad for many vodka chugging, freshly tattooed, laptop lipstick lovers. Thankfully Thomas declared himself Mayor of Awesometown, although that didn't really keep things any more under wraps or in any sense of order. But maybe that was the point....hmm. Regardless, what I'm saying here, is that "Awesometown" is now in Los Angeles!!! Starting tomorrow night, our crew is throwing a new event at the Short Stop. And who doesn't already love this place? Now you'll be able to get great hook-ups on booze, gloat at photobooth drunken mania, partake in pool sharkage-ness, and rock out with fun resident DJ's. Oh, how we love little off the beaten path bars...and making them even just a bit more fantastic.
The Short Stop
1455 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Every other Wednesday, starting November 15, 2006

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