Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm tired. Like seriously wiped the heck out. I started on a bunch of production work this week while maintaining the Shadowscene frontier and that pretty much equivalates to 3 hours of sleep per night. Yes!! But I'm still going...trucking along as they say! I now get to play a bunch of video games throughout the day and get a dose of television into my existence so it somehow balances out. Last night I even managed to throw myself from one place to another and catch the tail end of The Deadly Syndrome show. These guys are sooo damn good it eats me up. They have a bunch of upcoming shows so catch one!! Then it was off to some photoboothing and tequila'ness with the gang. Speaking of gang, the Shadowscene crew and friends are embarking on an adventure to NYC and Boston in the next couple of weeks...which is going to be completely retarded if I do say so myself. A minimal agenda and a lot of 'do whatever the heck we please'. favorite way to be. Look out NYC.

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