Sunday, September 03, 2006

Can You DIG It?
Tonight was amazing...I finally ventured out minus camera in hand and just embraced the evening. And hooray for cemetary screenings!! Hollywood Forever did me the pleasure of screening two hours of 1979 funky clad males running endlessly in The Warriors. Yes! I haven't seen this movie in it's entirety until tonight. And seriously, any movie with dudes running around in vests, mime costumes, Yankees attire and face paint, leather, random hats and all black is good for me. No complaints here. This movie is awesome!! And plus, where else can you watch a 27 year old film with the starring actress in the audience with you...on her birthday. Sweet Hollywood film screenings!! Lounging around on blankets, huddled with friends for comfort and warmth, wine, crackers and jalapeno cheese...more wine, spinach get the idea.
From there a group of us headed over to Hear Gallery...where Elina was busted with a can-o'sparks in her bag. So of course we all stopped and stood with her while she was forced to pound the Sparks outside the door because we couldn't bring it in with us. What!! Where the hell else do you go and they let you keep it...and make you drink it! We made it in just in time to watch The Afterhours trash their gear and finish their set. Game over...
Creeksta and I drove off in the Club Tattoo truck...and hung out at El Grande Burrito, which to me seemed to be tucked away in a very intricate wire fenced area in some random neighborhood. But damn, did they have some amazing tacos. Tacos!! An hour under the red plastic canteen lights and a few ounces of salsa later, we the land of soft plush pillows and kittens.

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