Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So it's starting to seem as if Anna and I are on a bit of an ask and you shall receive pattern. Although it's a bit more of a mention and it will happen. It began with the cake fight the other night (we spoke of great cake wars, and alas, that's what occurred) and then last night it happened to us again. Anna and I headed down to Safari Sams to see 8-Bit and Leslie and the LY's, and damn, it was awesome! Hilarious! Fun! I'm totally going to score a Bedazzler asap!! At the end of the night, we are walking back to the car, and she starts telling me a story about how one night a friend and her were walking in the same spot and a dozen cars tried to pick them up, as if this were Santa Monica & Highland or some crap. So what do you know...just as she finishes the story a car pulls up to the side of the road and makes an offer, followed by another vehicle that intersects in front of the first and tries to top that offer. Meanwhile, Anna and I are by no means looking like street walkers, so it's all a bit strange and seems we've stumbled upon the hidden hot spot street corner of Hollywood. Naturally, we pass on the offers and get into our car. But naturally, it doesn't stop there. We drive. And then a third car pulls up beside us, and the best part is, they scream at us that they have lubrication. I mean seriously, that's a hard offer to pass on, right? WHAT!? A car full of dudes pulls up next to you and yells that they are lubricated?? What the hell? I mean that's a major selling point, we'd be pretty crazy to turn that offer down. I wonder what movie they scammed that line from? Needless to say, we rolled the windows up and reluctantly passed on the thrilling "we're lubricated" offer then proceeded to embark on a hunt for the 2am quesadilla. Laughing, joking, jumbling around we finally park at the Shadowscene headquarters and nestle ourselves safely inside, spicy quesadilla and tacos in hand.

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