Friday, September 15, 2006

So last night I went out to lovely Alhambra to shoot the Latino speaker Jesus Andres Bueno. Joe came along for comedy considering he doesn't know or understand a lick of Spanish other than "Hola"! So he stood by wondering what the hell was going on and making up dialogue inside his head. Hooray MST3000 with Joe Joe!! Regardless, I got to run around ninja style and photograph this guy for a couple of hours, and oh the hilarity. There was even a song and dance.
Of course, then Joe and I headed out, stole a couple of golf balls from the nearby driving range for our weird collection of nothingness, and then made it back to Hollywood in 9 minutes. And we had plans. We had lots of plans...Vanguard for free copies of BPM, Social for short lived entertainment, little dark bars for a couple of drinks...dancing...but no.
Instead, we spent over an hour in his car, trying to repair the broken sunroof, considering it was starting to drizzle, and the damn thing wouldn't shut. So for an hour or so we took turns pulling, pushing, holding in clicking buttons, kicking rooftops, punching the padded ceiling and nothing. That damn sunroof is still stuck open. Although, we did spend that hour directly across the street from what we discovered to be a hidden drug house. And by hidden I mean literally buried by shrubbery and in pit of darkness. We watched about 7 people and 3 couples lurk around and make hidden exchanges. Of course, we then looked like we were on a stakeout and apparently we're not very good at it because we were caught!!! Some dude managed to see us just sitting in the car poking around and being up to no good I suppose. And boy did we get the evil glare. Total creepazoid eye contact on a dimlit street stranger to stranger. There were about 30 seconds of awkwardness, a new century stare down and considering Joe and I weren't decked out in our Warriors Shadowbot vests, we opted on checking out of that scene. In other words we decided it would be best to leave. So we did.
All in all, the Hollywood stakeout and attempted car repair pretty much took up our entire night, although we managed to sneak in some Crunch Wrap Supreme before calling it an evening. An evening of retardedness with Joe Joe and Ellei.


i know joe said...


i know joe said...

i was also DRUNK !!!