Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So far this week has continued to be full of surprises. First off, our monthly Get Famous at BOA the other night was yet again a success!! Wayne Brady and some of the dudes from Queer Eye stopped by early in the night followed by the freakin' original drummer from the Monkeys. Hey man, that's way cool. Lots of free drinks for the crowd and DJ Paparazzi tore it up as usual!! Plus, last night at Check Yo' we had three absolutely amazing bands. The Fawnhawks ruled!! Followed by Myles' Bloodcat Love and Jason's Dead Ponies. All three bands really played amazing first gigs. Yay!! Rock and roll and dancing madness continues.
Today I spent the afternoon catching up on photos and meetings and preparing for three upcoming art shows. The madness never stops. Now it's off to the Stuff Mag party to scope out the schwag and snap the shots.

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