Sunday, September 10, 2006

So I basically shut down for about a week. Let me just say a break and some time off is just what I needed, screw milk, sleep does a body good. Obviously.
So last week the Shadowscene solo art show was confirmed!! Sweet deal!! Yes! So come next month, sometime in October anyway, there will be a crazy art show party over in Beverly Hills with straight up Shadowscene Ellei J art. Nice. But here's the funny story.
So Friday night the gallery had an opening and my lovely friend Anna was working. Needless to say this wonderful woman was quite inquisitive about the gallery and upcoming artist and no matter how many times Anna informed the woman that she just really didn't know much about the art, because she was simply serving the wine, the woman insisted on details and information being revealed. So, when she asked about the next show, Anna naturally let her know about the Ellei J. show. And oh boy did the woman's face light up. Maybe at the final revealing of some gallery tidbits...oh but it didn't stop there. "Oh yes, she says, I've heard of her. Amazing artist yada yada yada". Of course, it'd be amazing if she'd honestly heard of me. But really...that'd be pretty far out and a bit uncanny. Oh Anna...gotta love you for holding back the laughter and playing along with the curious ole' lass. Funny. Nothing better than someone bullshitting with another fellow bullshitter. I kid you not. And stuff.

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