Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What happened? How is it Wednesday? Wasn't I just watching Juiceboxxx roll around on the floor and tear it up at Check Yo? Yes...and I do believe I decided we should be on tour together. I'd be called Capri Sun. Juiceboxxx and Capri Sun shows all summer long!
So yeah...holy baloney! Just like any 'ole Elephant I've only been sleeping 2 hours a night at best...and just running on empty. Or well...running on juice mixed with fancy elixers. Or maybe it's the six meals I ate on Sunday...and the excitement of a Spider Monkey dancing for me and shaking Ho Ho's finger in exchange for some change. I need one...a monkey that is.
This week kicked off with the Shadowscene interns...if you haven't seen them yet, you will! They're awesome! Last night we strolled down to Avalon for the Indie 103.1 party. They ran amuck in Hollywood and I went inside to shoot ... briefly. Swanky. Open Bar. Dark and void. Robot conversations. Made a couple new friends, ran in to Whitestarr, had hug marathons and then I was off. The interns and I met 2 drinks in...and them, oh you cute 'lil blazers, 'ahem blazed amazin' workers. Their running amuck was full of some secret shenanigans. We parted again and next I was off to the new weekly at Seven...which so far has been pretty awesome rowdy. Monster boy celebrated his birthday last night and even broke out with some crazy b-boy Young Americans hung out for a bit and then I hit up the taco stand for a burritto. And now...Wednesday. Karaoke craze at Spider tonight? Anyone, anyone?

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Isaac said...

those interns must be a godsend.