Thursday, June 21, 2007

Allergies blow. My insides feel like a wrinkled up prune...a sour pickle, a dehydrated grape. Ala a California raisin. Seriously, someone hook me up to a H2O IV and mist me down. Stuffy and parched. But on another note, last night I went over to Spider for the karaoke blitz. Holy smokes...hilarious. It started out a wee bit slow but than wham...amazing. Brilliant performances. At first there were a few of the classic 'I'm in LA and have an amazing voice so I'm gonna sing like it' acts. And then came on the real karaoke of 'how the fuck does this song go...Ima sing it anyway'. And then people just owning it. Taking over the stage, and belting out like no tomorrow. Blew my socks off. Especially when Yas was straddling the wall behind the stage and romping on the floor nearly hyperventilating. Sooo good girl. Damn.
Other than that, Ive decided that tofu is pretty damn good in my book. You can do so much with that stuff...and my cat loves it. Piggy. He also loves corn. Oh my gosh, corn!!! Check this out...

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