Tuesday, June 26, 2007

aaaaaand DONE
What a birthday weekend! Smack dang. I am now recovered from the craziness of the Lady Sovereign bash and the 1 year anniversary of BLOW UP LA. It was seriously one of the most insane, in so many different ways, Blow Up we'd ever had. After sneaking booze from the overly secured 'drinking room' and smuggling it over to the stage...it became even more nuts. The crowd was amazing, everyone was in such a great mood regardless of the law laying a smackdown outside the venue. Sometime around 10am I passed out after my adrenaline rush subsided. And then Sunday, a lazy afternoon was in order, along with a few rounds of margaritas with my friends at dinner. I had the greatest time with so many of my friends, I seriously love you all. Soooo much. Finally, Blackout bar went off and I passed out cold Sunday night. And then...last night, mania at BOA. I do believe Omarosa from The Apprentice was hanging at the bar as well. Although I didn't really dare get within five feet of her. From there a few of us bounced over to Le Bar and for some reason, capping the night off, Bigley, Ho-Ho and I decided to spend nearly an hour in the car acting like retards. I don't know how it happened, but we thought it would be an amazing idea to recreate some Dukes of Hazzard action on Vista del Mar at 3am. Um....yeah. We're weird for sure. Or maybe Monster energy has been hooking us up a bit too much. Time for biscuits! Oh...and an amazing video sent over by Mr. Cloud. Enjoy!

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