Monday, April 19, 2010

So another Coachella has passed...and with it the ups and downs. There were a few tragedies but nothing that can hold us back or slow us down. There was a lot of hot tubbin' and a million fake wristbands that totally worked for the entire gang. Go team, go! Our entire adventure consisted predominantly of the actual festival, Anthem Lagoon, VICE Cougars, ACE Hotel party crashing and too much Sailor Jerry rum. Let's just say there were a lot of band-aids in use by Sunday morning.
I also decided I absolutely NEED an old Airstreamer RV. Need, need, want. Need. And futhermore, in my opinion it's now summer. Even though our entire world is 20 degrees colder than it should be and we now experience UK blackouts, alien invasions, volcanic eruptions and 7.2 earthquakes on a weekly basis. 2012?
In other news, the Philly | Los Angeles bi-coastal Shadowscene bash blast is really taking off. We've got new events in both cities popping up including School Night here in Los Angeles, Tiger Beats in Philly, and a RAWK Tuesdays on the LA Eastside. It's definitely time to change things up and spice up the sauces. We're cleaning out the closets so to speak. The past 6 months have been sort of stagnant and full of theoretical assumptions and guessing games. We're ready to get back to the good life and ditch the after school specials along with every moniker and bit that goes along with it. And...for those of you who actually read this shit, I've invited a few of the crew to contribute here an there. This means you'll be reading the dazed thoughts and fucked up opinions of other robot worthy folk starting today. Yep. Oxenfree...Pink Avenger...Goo Goo Fruit and more. Bookmark this muthafucka.

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Oxenfree said...

It's a brand new era. Dress accordingly xoxox