Friday, October 10, 2008

So I'm still here in San more night, and tonight we literally Blow it Up. We spent the six hour drive filling out Mad Libs and raging to old school 1994 style CDs and mixtapes while trying to avoid the "gusty winds blowing dust" sections of the highway. It was hot and then it was cold and then it was freezing when we finally pulled up on Haight Street.
Rae and I kicked off SF with some Thai food at 'Visit Thai' where we pretty much set up camp since we weren't squared away on sleeping arrangements yet. From there we found the coolest looking bar which I wish I could remember the name of. Cheap beers, black and white walls with sticker grafitti and some kick ass bartenders. One of them now manages the place after she visited it 8 years ago and decided never to leave. Whaaat!? Two PBR's later we made the two block journey over to SF Underground for "Work". Richard Oh and Sleazemore faced off and Patric definitely blew us away. For fucks sake, there are some sick ass DJs here...put them on the map! We danced a lot, made some rad new No Cal friends and branded ourselves with Sparks slap bracelets. Some dude looked like he was about to pass out, but puked on the sidewalk and then five minutes later was back at the bar. That's commitment. And tonight...let's look for some fuckin' teamwork...cause we're gonna seriously blow .. it... up.

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