Sunday, October 26, 2008

NY has been exhausting. The week has been nonstop with all the CMJ mania and I was suppose to be in Philly last night but ended up losing my wallet at Studio B. Losing a wallet on tour sucks. I can't get my rental car and I can't hit up the ATM for cash. I can't do much other than wander around the streets of NYC. Apparently Studio B doesn't even open until tomorrow at noon. And who knows if my wallet is even still kicking around there. So argh, the decisions. It looks like I may be skipping out on Philly this time around and just heading up to Boston with the bit of cash I still have. And then it'll be some intense high security scrutiny at Logan when I attempt to get on the plane without an ID. Hoooray!!
So I'll be here, hanging in Brooklyn for a couple more days and then Heart-throb in Boston on Tuesday night. Yarg...the adventure continues.

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