Sunday, October 19, 2008

I slept a bit in the car ride from Seattle to Portland since we left straight from the party. And then I slept again for a couple hours once we got back to Hoop's house. And the crack of...9am, Rae and I hit the streets to explore. It's pretty relaxing in Portland, completely different from Seattle. We had an old lady lunch and then browsed around art shops and met some cool people. Then a bizarre dude on a bike rode up to us asking about the knife shop...yeah. Some weird horror film shit. I guess he wanted to talk about his knife, I mean that's totally normal right? After our adventure I ate another sandwich and then watched the debates and Tijuana show in NY live on the internet. Damn the internet is amazing. Ryan and Case showed up and we drove over to Holocene for the Portland fiesta. Apparently Portland and Seattle are always vying to be on I had to try and pick which city was better. I couldn't. One is sassy and dirty with some truly 'real' people where you know someone always has your back. The other is quiet and quaint with lots of smiling faces and interestingly enough, no one even flinches when you take their photo. Let's just say I wouldn't expect anyone in Portland to throw their sippy cup of booze onto my camera (thanks OC).
Rae and I got ridiculous in Portland...limbos and playing jacks, photobooths and dance-offs. Holocene was wild.

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