Sunday, October 12, 2008

So Rae and I had an awesome drive up through Napa and into the valleys past Mt. Shasta. We are finally in Portland and passed through some cute little towns where everyone wears Uggs because they should. We've realized our road trip consists of a few themes (kitties, dogs in bars and MGMT) and our drive sessions are like elementary lessons. First it's english class with Mad Libs, mathematics where we analyze our gas mileage and do long division followed my music class where we scream and sing along to 90's hits. With all this educational focus we were stumped when Garmin told us to get off the freeway!! We had some doubts about following the nav devices route. 101N or a shady back road...hmmmm. So...we flipped a nickel and it landed on heads. Therefore, we followed Garmin's advice and were more than happy that we did. The winding roads and views were amazing and it definitely saved an hour or two on the drive up to Oregon.
Seven hours later we hit Mt. Shasta which was freezing and it was when we really noticed that first of all Jeppy is missing some key insulation and we totally blew it on the packing game. Let's just say fast packing is not encouraged. Since our pre-party and NKOTB bash had us up all night, the 20 alloted minutes for packing with blurred heads led us to forgetfulness when it came to scarves and jackets. And the wind is definitely a bully up north. We rested in Medford for the night at a lovely Motel 6 where the heater was so hot it didn't matter if we had hats, scarves or pants for that matter.
Motel 6 beds suck. When I woke up my back hurt like an elephant sat on it all night. After coffee..a scarves and fluffy vintage vests we hauled ass to Portland and then celebrated with a brew. Portland is full of insanely colored houses, neon paintings in the street, bridges and dogs in bars. I feel like I'm in a cartoon but its rainy. Oh...and the excessive politeness is amazing. Here's an intersection scenario:

"You go."
"No, you go."
"No, really, it's go."
"Aww no you go first."
Me: "Ok fuck it, I'm gonna go!"

So yes, now we go. Today it's off to Seattle for Outsourced at Moebar. Rae and I are rocking our jeans for the 6th day in a row and now have plenty of ironic layers to put together so we should be pretty toasted and toasty warm by tonight.

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